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  1. M

    Request - OpenVix 5.4 for Edision Os-Mini

    Hi, just wondering if anybody would have a copy of OpenVix 5 (ideally 5.4) for Edision OS-Mini? One of my boxes is stuck in a boot loop and need to re-flash. It's not available on the vix site for some reason. I use client mode for ip distribution in the house so switching to OpenATV isn't an...
  2. X

    Zgemma H2 Image / Willobuild

    Hi I need of some help as not sure what I'm doing with this H2 box, What is the best image to flash to as the current one on the box constantly crashes? Its got sucmnsee openvix image on it at the moment, any got any suggestions which image to flash to? Was looking at willobuild however...
  3. T

    TM Twin 4K - Image Suggestions Please

    hi all I have the Technomate TM Twin 4K box and am looking for suggestions for the best image that will allow recording of IP streams to the internal hard drive. Can anyone recommend an image? I’ve tried OpenATV but it freezes an awful lot and I just wondered if there was something better to...
  4. wooshman

    WooshBuild Infinity: Satellite, Cable, Freeview, Saorview, IPTV - For ALL Enigma2 boxes Update 2018/11/14

    WooshBuild Infinity Any Enigma2 box - Cable, Satellite, FreeView, Saorview & IPTV Vu+, Zgemma, Formuler, Technomate, Edision, Mut@nt, Xtrend, Gigablue and the list goes on and on WooshBuild is still leading the way while the others follow Currently running on a confirmed 158 different makes /...