1. D

    VPN Installation For VU+ Duo2 Linux Enigma Receiver

    Hi All, My IPTV provider has advised me to install a VPN on my STB in order to reduce the frequency of some freezing channels. I currently use a VU+ Duo2 Linux Enigma Receiver STB and i have a Nord VPN subscription. Can i install any sort of VPN on this particular STB? If so, can someone send...
  2. Joe516


    The following step-by-step guide will provide you with instructions to install Cinema APK on Firestick/Fire TV, and Android TV Box. Cinema HD APK is the best Movie & TV Show streaming application that can be installed on just about every Android device How to Install Cinema HD [June 2020 - New...
  3. B

    Windows 7 Lenova t510 Win 7 driver problem

    Hi, Hard drive failed on laptop had to install new one and had no back up. I installed Win7 pro activated 64bit but I have no drivers for it nor have I the driver for lan or wifi to get from internet. I went to Lenova site downloaded drivers onto usb but when try to install it says not...
  4. W

    How do I get fibre broadband in my area?

    Hi guys, just wondering how do I go about getting fibre broadband in my area. I’ve heard that I need to get around 10 neighbours to say they require fibre and then they will install it. Anyone gone down this route or have any info. Would be grateful Wes
  5. Putty


  6. millerkev


    HI GUYS As you may be aware almost a million people play the free sky app super 6 with a chance to win 1/4 of a milion pounds every week for free . i believe this season is starting with a cool 1 million prize for the 1st person to correctly guess all 6 as a side i am a member of a private...
  7. C

    Zgemma H.2H Install - VM, Sky and IPTV

    Hi all, this is my first post so sorry if it's in the wrong section. I had an Openbox with Sky but as we all know most Sky channels have stopped working on them. As football season is fast approaching I've ordered a Zgemma H.2H box and need some help with setting it up. I've bought the extras...