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As you may be aware almost a million people play the free sky app super 6 with a chance to win 1/4
of a milion pounds every week for free . i believe this season is starting with a cool 1 million prize for the 1st person to correctly guess all 6

as a side i am a member of a private group for which entry via facebook group is 20 pounds up front and a fiver per month sent via paypal to the organiser whom i know personaly

last season we had around 22/23 players and we are currently inviting anyone along to join

last season the prize was distributed , something like 70 pound a month with the rest adding to the initial 20 entry fee to pay out 1st 2nd and 3rd at the end of the season

last season i won 1 monthly prize of 70 and came 2nd in the season endings taking away 150 to boot
(winner got 280.00)

the app does all the calculations/scoring by month/season etcetc , all you need to do is pay your money and remember to post your scores each week

details of entry code into league are all in the facebook group page . along with the banter it creates between friends and the real chance to win some serious money playing along

if anyone is interested in joing in and would like to be added to the group please feel free to message me and i will add you