1. gary27

    Whats the best CD burning software for imac

    H all i cant find a decent one that actually works well on the imac. i have burn from app store but is bloody useless Please can you help Thanks in advance
  2. LordAaron

    Best IPTV app for iPhone?

    Anyone got any thoughts or opinions? I'm currently using Flex IPTV which is ok, but for some reason when I try and install the EPG, the app crashes. I tried GSE too but the layout is awful imo. I don't mind paying for the app but the reviews out there are so hit and miss.
  3. Speedygonzal

    Alexa Voice Control now works on OLD FireTV Stick

    Got a notification from Amazon today, that with the FireTV app (on phone/pc etc) I can now use Alexa (Amazon's voice control utility) on my 1st generation FireTV stick. Tried it, and it works, just like my £50 Echo dot! See
  4. Haroon Mustafa

    Player for Android or IOS?

    Hello, I was reading up about the new VU+ app which allows you to stream whatever's on you VU box to your phone from a remote location. Its a great feature and it allows you have 2 different channels on at once. It would be really handy for me. However, i have a ZGemma H.2s. Is there a...
  5. M

    Recovery data system free? or registration code

    I need to access either wondershare data recovery or uflysoft data recovery to retrieve a word doc on mac ios which I stupidly saved over :( Im desperate as its my dissertation work. If anyone can help or suggest an alternative software that I can use to recovery a word document it would be...