ip address unconfirmed

  1. N

    VPN for smart iptv

    hello, I'm considering getting an asus vpn enabled router. Main purpose will be to use it for my iptv streaming on Samsung smart tv. Is a vpn recommended to use with iptv? Does a vpn work well with iptv? Suggestions and recommendations would be appreciated:)
  2. thebulls

    Miraclebox twin plus vm hub 3.0

    Hi guys i have had my modem from vm upgraded to the new hub 3.0 ever since this has gone in im having problems with the box crashing I ran a network test and on the ip address its saying its unconfirmed along with the host name any ideas on how to sort this out, on the old modem the ip address...
  3. macmain

    network problem

    hi all got a network problem on a vu zero.. in network test im getting ip unconfirmed and nameserver unconfirmed. the router he has is a sky one.. been working up till now?? anyone come accross this?? cheers
  4. shaundc5

    LAN port doesnt seem to work???

    Hi guys im new here but i was wondering if you can help me, i have a H2S and LAN cable wouldnt display an IP address even when i tried static assigning one. I have tried multiple cables all wont work with it. i tried to reflash with wooshbuild but stuck on the screen please connect to the...
  5. ZGEMMA H2S Network Test

    ZGEMMA H2S Network Test

    hi can anyone advise on how i can fix this issue with a ZGEMMA H2S box? the box is connected via internet home plug & ethernet cable... i've reset the box, plugs, router & nothing have worked so far :( been at it all day & just do not know what to do anymore :xd: :dying: :dead: please help