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hello, I'm considering getting an asus vpn enabled router. Main purpose will be to use it for my iptv streaming on Samsung smart tv. Is a vpn recommended to use with iptv? Does a vpn work well with iptv? Suggestions and recommendations would be appreciated:)
Hi-First thing you must do is ask/contact your IPTV supplier
If you can use a VPN, a lot of people have lost their subscription just By
Not fully reading instructions when they signed up or they missed it in the
Small print? always pays you to asked before you part with any money as a lot
Of IPTV servers out there have really poor customer service.
Ps also be aware that you always lose a fare few mbs with a vpn
I have BT Infinity 49mbs drops down to around 36/39mbs when connected
to my VPN router,anybody with standard broadband 6/17mbs will struggle
But having said that it does vary to what vpn service/connection you have.
Hope that helps.
Sumjoddy, thank you for taking your time to reply. You made some good points for me to consider. Do you know why some subscriptions won't work through a vpn? I wouldn't have thought that their subscription somehow is for specific countries.. enlighten me :)
Hi thanks for reply.
The bottom line is a lot of IPTV Servers
don't like people using a VPN in case you use your Subscription on a another device they have no way of checking?
Some well established IPTV Server's have Software to see through your VPN and is not a problem, the current two IPTV Servers I have are fine with using my VPN Router.
Hope that helps
Owing to the IPTV block in place during certain games, I'm looking to put a VPN in. Hoping someone can help with the following:

Running one IPTV app through Sony Smart TV (Smart IPTV and Perfect Player)
A second through plug-in on Zgemma.

My broadband is with Sly (shield off but doesn't help during block times) so do I put the VPN on the router or on the devices?

Pretty clueless about this bit so help if you can. Many thanks.
I would put vpn through a router, as that way it can cover both your tv & zgemma box m8, [ but buy a good router for vpn m8, as you may have issue with your broadband speed dropping ]
Thank you. I've seen a few but it's not the kind of thing Which? would recommend. Anyone know what the best/really good-but-not-bank-breaking ones are?

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Its like everything else m8, what is your budget, ive got a netgear nighthawk r7000, it came totally set up with my vpn details that i forwarded to the guy who set it up for me, so between the router and the vpn, i paid him £220 all in
Cheers. Do we know yet what VPN will work with WB7 on Zgemma H52S and Android Smart TV?


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You can set up digibit easily on wb7 just add your user and pass, but I dont think its possible to set up a vpn on a smart tv , you can use a vpn router or (and I havent tried this ) set up a wifi hot spot and connect your tv to that
Could be wrong but I did a lot of searching on this and dont think there is a vpn app for smart tv, thats why I said try using a hot spot ,I seen a guide using windows but it might be possible to install the vpn app on your phone ,create hot spot and connect tv to that

Forgot to add if your smart tv runs on android then yeah probably could install vpn app
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Yeah it's Android. Thanks for that. With fibre it should be a decent speed even after vpn.

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