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    iStream (e2iplayer replacement) 2019.

    Uninstall e2iplayer and deps (if installed), restart device, install and restart again before opening for the first time. mostly english at the minute but more to come. This is a development by e2istream (@codermik) and tsiplayer (@rgysoft) more info on the istream fb page enjoy! Note: not...
  2. N

    Transfering IPK's from one box to another

    I have just brought the H5 and on my H.2s I have the VM HD skin, I was wondering if I could retrieve the IPK from the H.2s using filezilla and then transfer it to my H5?
  3. K

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Xtrend ET8500 Browser

    Hi Basically, i want to be able to go on the internet using the box so I can log onto iFollow and watch my team through the box any ideas?
  4. RDF

    Wrong wifi driver in plugins.

    Hi I am thinking about IPTV so I flashed to the latest Vix and my wifi lan stopped working. I went to plugins and downloaded RTL8192CU driver (1.0-r5), the wifi adaptor is shown but will not work. The last few times I have flashed I have downloaded RTL8192CU (1.0-r3) and the wifi has worked...