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  2. J

    VPN adder on wooshbuild infinity

    Hi guys - help please. I've updated to wooshbuild infinity and have downloaded vpn adder. I have a digibit sub. I cant get the plug in to work for me at all. Have entered my username and pwd and have clicked save. Whenever I 'start vpn' within the plug i seem to be losing connectivity as my iptv...
  3. L

    IPTV... help!!

    just recently purchase this IPTV was all working fine. Last 3 days.. Day 1 only channels I was getting was Formula 1. Spoke to my provider who said must be something my end, Internet needs to be really good. Checked my internet and said there was a fault outside so sky booked an engineer Day 2...
  4. J

    Iptv service and Spotify

    Hi looking for a reliable IPTV service recommendations please, currently using MAG 256 box Direct supplier not a "RESELLER" FHD, HD, SD Chanels server list must be easy to navigate in folder structure quick scroll and not packed with usless services Full UK package 3pm Kick Offs when new...
  5. J

    Fire stick for iptv? Waste of money???

    Looking at dipping my toe into iptv world... Looking to buy a fire stick but concerned as a lot of the apps have been taken off amazon... Is a fire stick a non starter ? Wasn't looking to spend mega money... Please advise... Also looking for iptv supplier for the usual if anyone can supply...
  6. S

    New to IPTV

    Hi All, I hope I’m not positing in the wrong area. I’m new here and I’m also new to IPTV. I have an OS Mini box running OpenPli. I’ve signed up for an IPTV subscription with an IPTV supplier. I am trying all day to get a TV guide installed and I really can’t seem to do it. it’s so annoying...
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  8. F

    Deutsch And france iptv M3u lists

    Hello guys! we have just updated the iptv m3u files on technicalforweb.com. Due to the large number of users you may face some lagging. We can not fix the issue since the file isn't hosted by technicalforweb.com Download iptv german France iptv m3u Note: Free iptv m3u files end in 24hrs...
  9. S

    IPTV on Xbox one

    Hi, does anyone know if its possible to run iptv on xbox? if anyone knows an app to download it would be much appreciated.
  10. allrounder55

    Weird Problem but fixed

    Had a weird problem, with a h2h box, was working fine last night but channel went off then lost all iptv channels and FTA channels. The EMU Bouquet was there. Found out the issue, somehow it setup the wrong tuner mainly german channels from the advanced settings which i didnt select. Weird as...
  11. F

    Iptv france m3u playlist + sports + turkish + german 17-03-2018

    Hi again, Kings of iptv are back with a playlist that contains all bouquets ; Documentary, cinema, sports and carton for your children. get it IPTV France m3u here : https://www.technicalforweb.com/2017/03/31/gratuit-iptv-m3u-france-canaux/ Get Sports iptv from here...
  12. F

    Three new HD IPTV SPORTS playlists 14-03-2018

    Hi dear readers, I am charing with you today three lists of iptv sports channels that contain all channels. download it from here: https://www.technicalforweb.com/2017/03/31/telecharger-gratuit-iptv-beinsport-m3u-list/ if you have any question, please write it down.