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  1. Socerraid

    Guide Tivimate guide settings

    Some recommended settings when your setting up TiViMate, if you have any recommendations, please add them below. Settings/playlists Go to each playlist Manage groups, turn off the groups you don’t want. Logos priority, set it to Prefer logos from EPG Settings/EPG Past days to keep EPG, set it...
  2. J


    Hi ,i have installed SMART IPTV on my LGTV,got the links from a website for free,the channels work well,but sometimes when its streaming something the screen turns black and comes back again in 3 4 seconds. Any help is appreciated
  3. J


    I have a LGTV,installed the SMARTIPTV,got the url from a website that has m3u channels playlist for every country ,the channels are all loaded but dont start they all say connecting... and even if you wait 10 minutes it doesnt start,my internet speed is 20mbs HELP!
  4. J

    Fire stick for iptv? Waste of money???

    Looking at dipping my toe into iptv world... Looking to buy a fire stick but concerned as a lot of the apps have been taken off amazon... Is a fire stick a non starter ? Wasn't looking to spend mega money... Please advise... Also looking for iptv supplier for the usual if anyone can supply...
  5. M

    IPTV Apps/Devices

    Hello fellow Tekkers, I see alot of post about what apps are best to use with certain device so i have put a consolidated list together of all the apps and devices that i have used and tested during the last few months. What i will say i am no expert in this field i to have just learnt the hard...
  6. A

    Best Android App for IPTV

    Howdy Lads, Longtime lurker here. Looking to get advice on the best Android App for an IPTV sub. I have had various android boxes over the years and decided to invest in an Nvida Shield (As I like the Android TV OS). Now I want to get a a good IPTV app that has a nice UI and will respond to the...