Hello fellow Tekkers,
I see alot of post about what apps are best to use with certain device so i have put a consolidated list together of all the apps and devices that i have used and tested during the last few months. What i will say i am no expert in this field i to have just learnt the hard way.


MAG Box: The best device by far for IPTV this will be to do with the fact that they have been designed for IPTV. The setup is simple;
If you are setting up a new Mag box:

1. You connect your MAG box to your TV and to your internet router.
2. It takes around 30-60 seconds to boot, once it do it you can go to (settings) and select (interface). It’s here you tell it where to go when it loads up. You can also change here your weather information to be shown in Fahrenheit or in Celsius.
3. Now you need to go to (system settings) and choose (Network) and then Auto (DHCP).
4. Choose now (Auto update software) and set auto update enabled. Press the F2 button (green button) to update the software. Exit now and choose (servers) menu
5. Now choose (General) and add a timeserver, pool.ntp.org. Press the (KB) button on your remote to bring up the keyboard on the screen. Here you can fix the time, press ok to save your settings and then exit to (servers).
6. Give your MAC to your provider and they will give you the portal URL.
7. Choose (Portals) and enter the portal given by your provider.

Now you can start using the MAG box.

Fire TV/Stick: A good solid device if using the TV version as it will run all of the below Apps with ease, the Stick version tends to struggle with apps such as STB-EMU, i would say use Apps like IPTV smarters or Smart IPTV (more details below on these).

MXQ: You may aswell spend your ££ on a MAG

Zgemma: A very good FTA sat receiver capable of also running IPTV but the setup for IPTV is for no novice compared to say a MAG or a FireTV device. The guys that tend to use these for IPTV are the ones that had them for Sly but we all know how that as ended.


SmartIPTV App: This app is an ok app if you are happy scrolling down a list or group of channels to find what you wont to watch with a very limited EPG feature. You have to pay around £5 for the app once you have use the 7 day free trail. The app its self gives you the ability to up load multiple M3U files and URLs by going to https://siptv.app/mylist/ and inputing the MAC for your device, it will store upto 10 List for you.

STB-EMU: This app turns your device into an Emulated MAG box and runs in the same manner, the best thing about using this is that you can change your MAC for this app to what ever you wont it to be.

IPTV Smarters: This s a good app with the following features: EPG, VOD, Account status and Live there are features getting added all the time to this app and there are updates for bug fixes almost every other week. You need the following for it to work: URL, Username and password, all of which can be provided by your provider. Your provider may have also purchsed tier own branded version of this app with the URL hard encoded, i personally would use this version as it shows that the provider has invested time and money in to the service.

This is not all of the Apps out there nor all of the devices but will will find what fits best for your needs. I hope this post will strike up more conversation and recommendations for App/Device for the IPTV.
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Good post I aggree that mag box Is best no messing easy to use refreshes streams where other boxes can't and just freeze .


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I am one of the old school much prefer a enigma setup. still very simple to setup with iptv, try and find a service who uses exstreme then just send the code that it generates. You can also customise with a sly skin if you wish.

A good post for new people


I am one of the old school much prefer a enigma setup. still very simple to setup with iptv, try and find a service who uses exstreme then just send the code that it generates. You can also customise with a sly skin if you wish.

A good post for new people
Just curious mike but did u ever get an issue where ur channel freezes on zgemma and u need to turn the channel and then go back for it to play again? Iv got the i55 and it does this so I then used serviceapp and changed to exteplayer3 but now screen goes black instead of freezing,
If I change channel tho it comes back. Any ideas?


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I have had this problem in the past with another supplier, check the following:

1. is your net speed fast enough
2. are you using a wired connection
3. are you using a decent router, if you are using one supplied by your isp provider make sure you restart everyday
4. use open atv as your image and keep it upto date (don't use images built by anyone else)
5. try and find a supplier who uses the xtream editor plugin and leave at the default settings.
6. make sure you are saving your epg to a usb stick
7. if your supplier requires you to use a vpn get rid of them, their is no need
8 if you internet speed is slow make sure people are not streaming or choose a sd link.

The ext 3 player normally only helps with buffering. The I55 has enough poke to deal the demands of iptv so it is not a problem with your box.

from time to time things can go wrong while watching something and we have to pick another link. however, this should not happen on a regular basis so if you have tried all the above points and found no issues it is time to find a new server.
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