iptv freeze freezing zgemma

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    zgemma h2s picture freeze

    HI all what is the best player for eye pee TV for zgemma i get a picture freeze every 5mins or so and soon as you change channel & back its working, however it does not happen using Android device/apps. I like the interface on zgemma. I have tried the following. reflash 6.4open atv create...
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    IPTV Freezes but unfreezeswhen channel up or down - help!!!latest version

    Hi I really could do with some help! Zgemma h2s running whooshbuild, however when watching sub channels it freezes, I can get it unfrozen by pressing the channel up and then down which makes it kick back in. The question is why does it do this?!?! Is there anything that can do to prevent it? Is...