IPTV Freezes but unfreezeswhen channel up or down - help!!!latest version


Hi I really could do with some help! Zgemma h2s running whooshbuild, however when watching sub channels it freezes, I can get it unfrozen by pressing the channel up and then down which makes it kick back in. The question is why does it do this?!?! Is there anything that can do to prevent it? Is it an internet issue maybe and if so how can I check?
It’s driving me nuts - please help!
It’s the player type that the h.2s uses if using extreme editor make sure dvb1 is set or download the service app and use ext player it’s why I got rid of my h.2s got sick of this happening don’t forget it was never designed for this Ok for sat cccam too low spec for iptv
Used lots of H2s,VU and mag boxes and only got that when there was a problem at the suppliers end.Dont get that with my current supplier.
If you google the same thing it’s a common fault with the player on zgemma I had it & have a mag & siptv runs perfect yet after a few hours zgemma freezes dry a different device with the same sub & I bet it doesn’t do it
hi i have got xtreme editor and ive got it set to service type iptv 4097 and also got service app installed with playback system set to serviceapp and player set to exteplayer3 never had a problem but using dvb1 i did so thats why i set it to the above settings im using a hs2 box hope this helps
I used xtream for a while back and had lots of problems tbh but only use script or suppliers installer now and don't get the issue so I think it's probably more the plugin than the zgemma.
personally, if you are using a satellite box for IPTV, your not getting the full experience for the service because you are running it off a satellite box, so if you are getting problems like these it could be down to a few things. I have ran multiple services on a H2S from different providers, and it has never been perfect because the service isn't built for that box its made for dedicated IPTV boxes like the MAG range.

Grab a box made for IPTV and your service might be a little better.
Thanks very much for the help all, it’s really appreciated and hopefully helps more than just me!
So potential problems are A:player type if using the current box and B: box type - try using a mag box instead
I’ve changed the player setting and it still happens, what’s the service app that was mentioned? I’m using a script and extreme editor....
Thanks once again
Ps if mag box then which one and can I still record?