1. J

    What channels are avaliable through sat line .

    It is probably on the thread somewhere but I cannot find witch channels are still available through a sat line from a provider any help would be appreciated Thank you .
  2. S

    What line to go for?

    Hello guys First up can I just say you all do a sterling job. Have got so much useful information from here for a complete newbie like me so thanks so much for that. :thumbsup: Just wanted to ask a question regarding lines. I can see the request thread and what people are asking for and it's...
  3. K

    Zgemma IPTV

    does anyone have a line for a zgemma h2s (must have sky channels) if so please email me to
  4. MrThing

    Line required | Zgemma StarS running XtreamTV plugin

    Hi, New stable line required asap. (Not reseller) Line required | Zgemma StarS running XtreamTV plugin Please help ASAP. Cheers.
  5. Halopenos

    Opinion needed

    Hi guys, I’m in Ireland and am setting up my dish to point at ASTRA for English FTA channels and also looking to get a Euro line for European channels and was wondering which second satellite should I set up along with Astra that is good for football and also some entertainment/movies...
  6. Image


    This is what my channels look like
  7. MrThing

    FTP instructions

    Hi all, Just been told an old line is still active and I am trying to get the box back online ahead of tonights unmissable boxing! I used to have a software that would scan my network and pick up the ZGemmma but sadly I've lost it. Alternatively I could FTP but have forgotten the box...
  8. R

    Line request

    Could somebody send me a line thanks fro DM800 HDPVR