1. N

    Maximise Linux Receiver - Newbie

    Current setup: OS Mega with vix. Picons & some skins installed. IPTV installed. 500 gb hdd Issue with boutiques randomly moving around - thinks its because of the ITPV - no idea how to check thou. Is there anything else i can do to maximize this box? I'm delighted with it in fairness, just...
  2. J

    What is the best dont want another zgemma

    Well after a whole load of emailing from me to the zgemma team we were unable to resolve my issue , not saying its there fault but ended up returning my box today ZGEMMA H9S Box What is the best box to get other than a ZGEMMA Box ?
  3. HiTeck

    F1 - Linux STB - User Manual 2018-11-08

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    F3 - Linux STB - User Manual 2018-11-08 2018-11-08

  5. HiTeck

    F4 - Linux STB - User Manual 2018-11-08