What is the best dont want another zgemma

Well after a whole load of emailing from me to the zgemma team we were unable to resolve my issue , not saying its there fault but ended up returning my box today ZGEMMA H9S Box
What is the best box to get other than a ZGEMMA Box ?


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Enigma 2 devices are all very capable of sat, cable and IPTV when setup correctly but as @Willo3092 stated there are loads of threads about boxes on here and it really is the $ question but the answer always depends on the user and their overall needs.


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Years ago i bought a xtrend et10000 with quad tuners,2 sat and 2 cable/switchable/terrestrial and as cable is lost over here i removed 1 cable tuner and switched for a sat tuner from my et8000.Both boxes now have a chance to run on saorview.Bonus bit is the et10000 is built ready for iptv and a gig lan port if needed.My opinion is having boxes with swappable tuners is better than fixed.