1. A

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Xtrend ET8500 cable loop

    Hey just ordered a Xtrend 8500 to replace a zgemma, the zgemma has dual cable tuner but only 1 input believe its called internal loop through, the xtrend has 2 separate cable tuners, Rather than ordering a splitter id like to use the loop out of tuner A to tuner B, Can i just use one of the RF...
  2. Zgemma loop.

    Zgemma loop.

    Stuck on this boot. no idea how to get out anf box wont boot to USB for flash.
  3. thebulls

    Virtual DJ 8 mapping

    Hi Guys im trying to map an ddj sx with vdj 8 but only the loop buttons mainly out as i dont like using the auto loop button i can do deck 1 but not deck 2 as this wipes of deck 1 any advice would be great Thanks in advance