1. siilver

    pc software share

    i have been a mac user for many many year and just got my first windows laptop. strange for me. but over the years i have plenty of websites for "free" software, but I'm not finding many windows ones. anyone know any please and thanks
  2. J

    Photoshop for MAC 10.15 Catalina

    Son looking for photoshop to run on an older MAC (Catalina)..... anyone a link for a download? Thanks in advance.
  3. P

    Windows 10 Cloning Windows Hard Drive using a Mac

    Guys, wasn't sure where to post this. I'm looking to clone a windows hard drive to a fresh hard drive using my Mac It's just I don't have a clean copy of windows to install onto the fresh hard drive it's for my old windows laptop that I would like to use again. Thanks PB
  4. R

    Zgemma Mac Address change

    Hie all, I have zgemma with IPTV which was working fine through xtreamtv then I reflashed the box with wooshbuild & reinstalled xtream only to find MAC address was different i have changed the MAC address to the new one but it then blocks the network. if i do a network test the LAN connection...
  5. CAptChaos08

    Zgemma IPTV Macbook

    Does anyone know what program to use to load a IPTV sub onto a zgemma using a Macbook? Putty seems to be windows only and I'm failing miserably trying to load a link through terminal! Any help would be massively appreciated! :)
  6. blainemufc

    Sub or zgemma/firestick

    Want to test iptv on firestick, also iptv on the zgemma is there way round it without having windows pc only have a mac
  7. M

    Recovery data system free? or registration code

    I need to access either wondershare data recovery or uflysoft data recovery to retrieve a word doc on mac ios which I stupidly saved over :( Im desperate as its my dissertation work. If anyone can help or suggest an alternative software that I can use to recovery a word document it would be...