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Zgemma Mac Address change


Hie all,

I have zgemma with IPTV which was working fine through xtreamtv then I reflashed the box with wooshbuild & reinstalled xtream only to find MAC address was different i have changed the MAC address to the new one but it then blocks the network. if i do a network test the LAN connection is ok, Local network connected, DHCP enabled and ok, but IP address and nameserver are unconfirmed and unticked if i restart the box it still fails to connect to the internet.
Any ideas how I can get it back on?


Went into Setup >System>Network >Device setup>Network M/AC settings
thanks for that info mate well done.but i am struggling, as mine old mac id was in lower case how do i changed that .? tried to do but cant change writing into Lower case :(


Keep pressing the same key should go from numbers to Caps locks then lower case
its does not work i have tried every thing because my Mac code was in lower case Iptv Provider refused to change it from his end.!
Box Mac id is showing in upper case now .Is there any other way to change Mac code like Using Putty?


I brought XTreamTV recently which has been working for 2 months, I reflashed my zgemma h2s and installed XTreamTV which provider gave but the ID: on XTreamTV has changed is there anyway to change it back. I tried to change id by
Setup >System>Network >Device setup>Network MAC settings but XTreamTV ID: still the same.


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Common problem,ask your supplier to change your mac sub for a username and password and he should be able to supply a script you can run as this is a much better method.