1. Vumon

    Keychain for Windows?

    I’ve been a mac/iOS user for many years but have now bought a cheap windows laptop for downloading stuff with real debrid and for playing with my e2 box. It’s decent enough, running windows 10 but as I use iCloud Keychain all my passwords are the mega secure ones that nobody will remember which...
  2. Ferret.

    Tools Enigma2 Utility PC Or MacOS IPTV Enigma2Utility

    What is Enigma2 Utility? Enigma 2 Utility is a channel editor for Enigma2 receivers that runs on 64Bit MacOX. You can use it to watch live tv or your recordings from your mac. It also can be used to manage your timers. The tool is provided as is, without warranties or guarantees of any kind"...