mag 250

  1. J

    What is the best dont want another zgemma

    Well after a whole load of emailing from me to the zgemma team we were unable to resolve my issue , not saying its there fault but ended up returning my box today ZGEMMA H9S Box What is the best box to get other than a ZGEMMA Box ?
  2. B

    MAG 256

    Hi guys , just tried to add a sub to a mag 256 and in the portal In servers it’s only got general and more (no portals) and then when it’s loading if I press menu it’s got embedded and portal 1 and 2 but I can’t customise them , I tried to factory reset it but doesn’t look like it’s worked , I...
  3. D

    Mag 256 slight issues

    So ive upgraded from openbox to iptv and am impressed with the general menu system etc etc but I'm having a few issues with it jamming then repeating itself several times over like stuck in a loop. Also the mouth movement is not consistent with the voice a lot of the time. Any ideas to adjust...
  4. H

    IPTV Sub needed

    Hi Can anybody recommend Good and Stable IPTV SUB for full UK Sly. I am using MAG257 box Regards
  5. F

    mac address

    just wondering about mag256 mac addresses, on the back there is printed mac address, but in settings, this corresponds to the wired mac address, and there is another mac for wireless. does it matter which one i use, or do i have to use the one printed on the back (een if i am connecting...
  6. H

    IPTV Catch up

    HI does anyone know where I could get a sub for a good IPTV that has Catch up for a mag box my mate has a mag box with 14 day catch up but he bought it all set up from e-bay and the seller is no longer on the site so I can't get a sub from him. Thanks.
  7. thebulls

    Red Button not working

    Hi all the red button section on the open vix latest version isnt working shows the ppv but nothing else all channels are fine on vm and miraclebox twin plus but the box office also isnt working on mag 250 any ideas thanks in advance