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    Anyone know what the password code is for a mag 254 box
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    should i change my mag 254 to 322 ? and i need a new router

    hi there , im a nobrainer in tec ;-) so i need some advice first do i gain anything if i change my mag 254 to 322 ? i have an old linksys ea2750 and whant a knew , but im stocked in reading "best in test" so any recomadations for a router to iptv . my connetion is 300 Mbps down and 15 Mbps...
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    Is it possible to add codecs to Mag254 box

    Hi All Apologies if this has been answered already, couldn't find anything I have updated my mag254 box to latest firmware before writing this post (Dec17 firmware) I am having an issue with some channels, they load but screen stays blank with no sound. IPTV provider is reliable and tells me...
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    Mag 254 overheating

    As the title says my Mag 254 has just started showing "Your device is overheating" every 5 minutes. Is it on the way out? Only about a year old and not near any other box or anything else that generates heat. TIA.
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    smart iptv(firestick) vs mag 254

    Hi, I currently have a IPTV provider and am relatively pleased with the quality i get. I am just debating whether to buy a mag 254 or a actual iptv box and transfer across to that. My current smart iptv app is using Amazons fire stick and is using wifi. I dont like the odd disconnection and the...
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    Mag 254 keep switch off

    Mag 254 keep switch off automatically after a while and also if I switch off from remote control and switch on it doesn’t work .I need to unplug then plug back again to work please help
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    Will a PVR work with a Mag254

    Hi Guys, my record facility is blocked by my provider, so I wondered if I could attach a HDMI recorder to the Mag Box. If so would be grateful if anyone can recommend a decent one that stores to USB, either to be used in line, or by way of a splitter. I thought a Clone Box Pro may fit the bill...