1. M

    Genuine MAG 256 in immaculate condition For Sale

    Genuine MAG 256 in immaculate condition For Sale Hardly used comes with the following: MAG 256 Box, with user manual and Original box Free HDMI cable, UK Adapter, Payment prefer PayPal, send as F&F £35 + £5 P&P will be sent as Royal Mail 2nd Class signed for. Thanks for viewing
  2. K

    MAG256 stuck on infomir page

    Hi guys, new to this but desperate to get my Mag256 working again. I was first having page loading error and couldnt get past it, so I reed somewhere to go to Boot mode and chance NAND to NAND2 so I did but that didnt help, for a reason I cant explain I changed it to DHCP and since then I dont...
  3. S

    MAG 256 Boot problem

    Hi at all, I have a problem with 2 MAG 256....when do the boot the box still blocked after INFOMIR page and not charge the embedded portal. I also try factory reset and reinstall 2 type of standard firmware but the problem remain. I managed to install a MOD firmware and the box goes on...but...
  4. HappyHotspur

    Setting Buffer size for Mag256

    Does anybody have an optimum buffer size for a Mag256 that seems to have buffering issues or is it just trial and error to get the best buffer size?
  5. HappyHotspur

    Pixilating, stuttering and jumping when watching catch-up TV with iptv

    I am getting a lot of [ixilating, stuttering and jumping when watching catch-up TV with my current iptv provider that I did not get with my previous provider Am using a Mag256 box and this box when i leave it in standby then go to use it again all that happens is that the box continually loads...
  6. C

    Mag256 recording issue

    Has anyone solved the recording issue on mag256, pls help. It works on freeview channels for 20-30 seconds and stops. Can't record non-freeview channels as it says 'recording this channel is forbidden'. Provider says they don't prevent recording. VERY FRUSTRATING Which other boxes are...