Pixilating, stuttering and jumping when watching catch-up TV with iptv

I am getting a lot of [ixilating, stuttering and jumping when watching catch-up TV with my current iptv provider that I did not get with my previous provider
Am using a Mag256 box and this box when i leave it in standby then go to use it again all that happens is that the box continually loads to the option screen (All. UKTV, UKSport etc) until I reboot the box then it works ok, is this a problem with the box?
So frustrated its driving me mad


Nothing new , haven't used a Mag 256 box but have tried different Enigma STBs and have reached the conclusion that IPTV from many providers are exactly as you have found , have tried one (Turbo) this week and it's terrible with the added annoyance of loss of audio and audio sync problems and the same scene being shown twice. Some of the dearer ones are somewhat better although whilst not perfect are watchable .


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Thanks roybach thought it seemed strange that my old Mag254 worked perfecetly ok it was only when I changed to my current provider that all these issues started yet they still insist its my isp that's at fault and not their supply.
In fact they have threatened me to stop pestering them otherwise they will charge for the time I am wasting for them. Not getting what I paid for is not time wasting as far as I'm concerned but obviously this company dont care