1. K

    Looking for firmware for H96 Max rk3318

    I have downloaded several firmwares for H96 max rk3318 but can't open it all it says is "couldn't mount file" and "the disc image file is corrupted" so I don't know whats causing this. I would appreciate it if someone can help me with a link where I can get the firmware, any version 9, 10 or 11...
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    Winners 90 To 100

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  13. StrawDog

    syslog watcher and attacks on my router

    I wonder if any one can help with what looks like attacks on my router? I have a server and on it i have "syslog watcher" that captures all my data that's going back and forth....I have a RTN 66U black night router which is flashed with tomato and all working fine except for some of the...
  14. S

    vpn with utorrent

    Not to sure if this is the right section, but couldn't find any relevant info anywhere. I have recently Paid for a months trial of ipvanish, it works fine except when i am trying to download anything using utorrent, the speed of the download is virtually nil any ideas? TIA
  15. benijofar

    Rogue Members and Warning

    With the loss of further Sly channels today i suspect a big rush to get IPTV lines. Follow the advice given on these threads and STAY CLEAR OF NEW MEMBERS OR MEMBERS WITH VERY FEW POSTS. They are possibly only here to sell and could soon be gone. The link below will take you to the Rogues...