1. thebulls

    miracle box tv twin plus work with xtream editor

    Hi Guys im looking at going down to iptv route i have a miraclebox twin plus box so i dont have to buy another box will the xtream editor work on this and do i need format the box etc before hand as it has openvix on it the moment Also is this box and E2 Platform Thanks for your help
  2. thebulls

    Maybe booster required

    Hi guys I’ve just had the new VM box put in by us due to constant crashing on free view now they work fine but unfortunately my miracle box is now crashing on channels like s** are** etc the box up stairs is not as bad as down stairs is this due to slower signal now because of the new box is...
  3. JacobusH

    Introduction/Need a bit of help

    Hi all, I'm pretty much a newbie to this. I might be posting this in the wrong place but I will give a little background to what I have experienced. I bought a Miraclebox Premium Micro box about 2 years ago. A friend of mine introduced me to satellite tv through a ccam line. When Sky began to...
  4. thebulls

    5 Sp*ke trouble

    Hi all is anyone having problems with 5 sp*ke mines is constantly crashing even after i reset the cam running open vix on a miracle twin plus box on VM
  5. H

    Help choosing correct box

    Hello guys i currently have a miraclebox micro prem running openvix but im going to transfer that to the bedroom. i want to buy a premium box with better spec and good firmware updates thats reliable that has 2 virmin tuners so i can record and watch at the same time i was looking at this box...
  6. C

    Miraclebox Premium Micro HD 1x DVB-C/T/T2 Cable/Terrestrial Image

    Afternoon All Does anybody have an image to download ready-to-use, for the Miraclebox Premium Micro HD DVB-C, has a popular retailer has a great price on this reciever. Image options; OpenVIX, OpenPLi or OpenATV Thanks in advance
  7. S

    Miraclebox Micro HD Issue with IPTV (Black Screen)

    Hi, I have a very strange issue with this box I'll explain all the steps taken so bare with me. Brand new box flashed with OpenVIX latest. SD and HD(720) streams work fine no issues. Changing to a FHD channel (1080) it works for around 5-6 minutes then the channel freezes and screen goes...
  8. thebulls

    Miraclebox twin plus vm hub 3.0

    Hi guys i have had my modem from vm upgraded to the new hub 3.0 ever since this has gone in im having problems with the box crashing I ran a network test and on the ip address its saying its unconfirmed along with the host name any ideas on how to sort this out, on the old modem the ip address...
  9. thebulls

    Changing the host name on a miracle box twin plus and zgemma h2h

    Hi guys any help please on changing the host names on the above boxes they show up on my router online and don't want vm to see what I've got connected Thanks in advance
  10. A

    IPTV mbox pc smart tv

    Hi Are the iptv subs worth it? Is it better to setup on my miraclebox premium or smart tv? Surely I can set it up on my pc running on windows 10 in my bedroom? Thanks for the help guys
  11. macmain

    any takes on this box

    hi people .. whats the verdict on the miracle box premium hd.. cable.. been looking at these.. seem to be a good solid box.. anyone had a hands on with them .. are they ok to setup etc.. cheers
  12. S

    Miraclebox Premium Twin + & Kodi

    Question - the latest verison of Openvix has no kodi in the feeds for my box as maybe it isnt stable or for whatever reason. I know the Vu and Edision run Kodi. Just wondering if there is a plugin or ipk I can download kodi and load onto my box and test it? Thanks
  13. thebulls

    Red Button not working

    Hi all the red button section on the open vix latest version isnt working shows the ppv but nothing else all channels are fine on vm and miraclebox twin plus but the box office also isnt working on mag 250 any ideas thanks in advance