1. Elliot_1990

    Movies on firestick

    Good morning chaps! So I’m currently looking for a new subscription and feel like there are some really good options out there but they don’t always have a great movie selection. Is there anywhere else I could get movies on the firestick preferably in 4k? Thanks in advance 👍🏻
  2. O

    TorrentLeech Invites - Can Anybody Help?

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any free invites to TorrentLeech? Any help would be sound! Please PM me if so. Cheers
  3. basejumper

    Movie Companies Sue YTS Users, Including One Who Hid Behind a VPN

    Movie Companies Sue YTS Users, Including One Who Hid Behind a VPN - TorrentFreak
  4. P

    morphixtv version 1.11 Version 1.11

    Movies and TV shows in HD quality. All the movies and TV shows can be played in just One click Movies and TV shows and constantly adding new movies in its database tried it on firestick 4k and T95 max box
  5. burnage

    Netflix downloads

    I have a paid account for Netflix and want to download to to my pc, i have tried various software packages and the best i can get is 2 minutes of the film or series, does any one know if there is a software package that will download a full movie ??
  6. S

    Kodi Addons (movies)

    Hi need help on installing a good if not the best addon for movies i dont want any builds i currently have the maverick repo but not liking it, all suggestions greatly appreciated.
  7. M

    LG SJ8 sound bar advice.

    was bought sj8 sound bar. Can you add speakers to it? It sounds ok but seems to need some rear surround speakers. I’ve turned the sub up to full. It’s loud in cinema mode. Any tips on getting the best out of it??
  8. M

    Movies and on demand not working on my zgemma s iptv sub

    anyone having this issue? movies and on demand movies sometimes they work for a few mins then the box freezes? what would cause this ? thanks in advance ps iv a zgemma 2s would i be bteer changing the subscription to that if thats the problem
  9. pabloescaban

    Kodi down according to Daily Express

    KODI has published a statement following a slew of complaints from users of so-called Kodi Boxes that their streaming add-ons and IPTV plugins have stopped working. Noticed some of the add-ons and plugins installed on your Kodi Box have stopped working? You’re not alone. In a new blog post...
  10. R

    Movie content for hdd

    Hi guys, Can anyone recommend anywhere to find movie/tv show content to upload to my NAS using plex? I use plex to view my current movies, but want an easy way to upload as much content as possible. I have found some hdd's online which have content Included which I could purchase and upload...
  11. rapture_ni

    Timeshift iptv VOD

    I've had my iptv set up in bouquets for a while now and I'm well happy with the tv setup and the timeshift works fine with normal tv viewing Though I put on T2 and couldn't even go for a piss during it as the timeshift for some reason won't work with the VOD but will with the streamed...