1. Pacman2D

    Mytvonline3 / Bluetooth remote / formuler box

    Decided to purchase the formuler z11 pro max with the Bluetooth remote. So far the box is great especially using mytvonline3. I have been using the voice command on the remote to change channels, so for example if I say “Comedy Central” the channel changes but if I say something like “Sky...
  2. W

    Looking for help

    Hi have an iptv sub with a provider who i have been with for nearly 2 years. I was having issues with an app formuler box and contacted formuler for help as the after an update app wouldnt work i told the guy what they were asking about trialling my m3u which i never supplied them and he has now...
  3. W


    Hi guys got a formuler z7+ just updated mytvonline to latest and my portal wont connect . I use the m3u portal not the standard portal. Data load error . Seems to be a common issues looking at there forum. Does anyone know how to fix it? Or install a previous version of mytvonline. Cheers