net id

  1. D

    net id darlington (n.yorkshire)

    hi everyone i am taking my box to north Yorkshire (darlington)but i don't know the net id there so if anyone could send me a reply with id i would appreciate it thanks
  2. Black-Panther

    South Harrow Virgin Net ID?

    Hey guys My h2h box has VM and sky subs running with iPab image. Sky channels work fine but none of the VM channels work (or blank screen but shows signal%). For the net ID, it doesn't show the Harrow one so which others should I use? Any help would be highly appreciated!!
  3. K

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Xtrend ET8500 VPN?

    How do i instal a vpn on the box im with PIA
  4. millerkev

    tricky networking modem problem

    hi guys/gals since switchin over to virgin from sly i have encountered some slight networking problems virmin router turned into modem mode and the changes made to my dd-wrt flashed router my own and the mrs iphone connected with no issues the h52tc playing happily away smart tv again no...
  5. grog68

    NetID Map - your info needed

    Hi I have created a Net ID map at on which I have added the NetID's I have found on lists or from a box. What I would like to do is fill in gaps as much as possible and this is where I could do with info from you. IE In Milton Keynes, do they use the NetID for...