tricky networking modem problem


hi guys/gals
since switchin over to virgin from sly i have encountered some slight networking problems
virmin router turned into modem mode and the changes made to my dd-wrt flashed router
my own and the mrs iphone connected with no issues
the h52tc playing happily away
smart tv again no problems
sons ipad says connected to wifi and all the apps work but it wont connect to safari/internet
my mag box 250 will not load at all , just says loading error and no internet connected
i have changed the ethernet cable with the one running the zgemma . but still it remains the same
i dont beleive it to be the ethernet cable anyway .. and think ive just overlooked a small thing somewhere along the process . but i cant put my finger on it and its doin my head in
many thanx for any help offered :):)
If its the super hub 3 there is your problem vm have implemented f/w on there to stop share :grin:
meaning ?
why does most stuff work as explained and some doesnt ? the hub is in modem mode
when logging into the dd-wrt router everything shows in the wireless as connected
f/w ???
cant exactly ring em and tell em the whole story can i ?
is it ok to tell i use my own router ? have ipvanish running for security reasons ?
can they turn this f/w off ?
surely others have the new modem and have done the same thing as me
What ever you do is upto you but the super hub 3 is only going to give you problems just what vm want no share :grin:
I've got the superhub 3.0 in modem mode with no problems.
Torrenting and all sat boxes / kodi working okay.
I've got the superhub 3.0 in modem mode with no problems.
Torrenting and all sat boxes / kodi working okay.

I suggest you let millerkev know your settings as most peeps can’t config the super hub 3.0
I don't have this hub :(y):
I haven't configured it in any way. Just put it into modem mode as soon as I got it and used my own router.
certainly a strange one . they either block are allow . cant see how thier would be an inbetween

I would phone vm and tell them your having problems connecting some of your devices to the superhub 3.0 and see if they will send you the superhub 2.0 :(y):
after a quick youtube video it would appear i dont have super hub 3
im not at home at mo so will have to check tmr
i have seen how to change a few settings to allow vpn thru will give that a whirl tmr and report back
no joy with tinkering
more research tonight
as of minute superhub back in router mode and dd-wrt unplugged
all devices including h52tc running well
virgin will now know what`s coming into my zgemma . but for now thats how it will have to be
untill i get more time off work at weekend
might even leave it untill i get a 1st warning ,, who knows might never get one :grin:
I've got the superhub 3.0 in modem mode with no problems.
Torrenting and all sat boxes / kodi working okay.
Hi is it possible to run two superhubs 3.0 on the same line i get one working no problem but the other wont connect to the internet white light kepps flashing? cheers
From your description, it is not clear whether the ones that work were all connected with the superhub (in modem mode or otherwise) by ethernet. If so perhaps the only problem was associated with wifi/ethernet from the dd-wrt router.

Separately have you tried putting the superhub in normal mode but turn off vpn at the dd-wrt router and then see if any of the devices that did not work (e.g. your ipad) can access the dd-wrt router by ethernet and wifi? Then try it again by putting the superhub in modem mode.

Obviously it could be one of a number of things that has gone wrong, so best to eliminate the possibilities logically one by one.