1. TheSource

    Available Techkings Members Could Split Subscription Costs and Save A Small Fortune - Youtube Premium, Spotify, Netflix, Discovery Plus etc [IDEA INFO INSIDE]

    PLEASE NOTE I AM NOT SELLING ANYTHING HERE. I'M JUST GIVING AN IDEA! I have recently seen a few posts here about splitting PIA VPN Costs between members which is a great idea. Where everyone is saving a small fortune. It got me thinking what else could be saved. Below is a small list of...
  2. bazcfc1

    Liberty shield vpn router

    I'm just wondering if anyone has ever used a liberty shield vpn router pre configured so it's just a case of plug and play I paid £13.99 from one of forum sponsors Its due to arrive sometime today below is what it says about it on amazon and just after people's thoughts Description Our Lite...
  3. P

    Best VPN for Netflix Brasil?

    Guys!!! Post some best vpn brasil for Netflix Brasil (Brazilian Netflix) with that we can Watch it from abroad. Thanks!!!
  4. C


    HI All Anyone know of any working links/ apps to stream Ertugrul - apart from sub service Netflix?
  5. M

    Spotify / Netlix / Deezer accounts.

    Hi all, I am looking into the Spotify and Netflix etc reselling. I am looking for any information on how to resell or maybe how to do it myself? any advice would be very much appreciated. had a few offers at £15 for 12 months. *PS, I am not sure if I posted this is the right place but let me...