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  1. manic01

    TM5402M4 05072021 2021-07-05

    Server 40 ok DiSEqC 1.2 Moving fixed, Blind Search Multi Stream option added, USB HDD compatibility improved, Added a Light menu theme (Preference - Menu Appearance)
  2. C

    HD51 4K HD51 - Questions on receiver

    I like my VU+ Solo 2 but want a box that is 4K capable (Sport TV, RAI & TRT) and can support multistream viewing (5W) with more than one tuner. I wanted to stay with VU+ but they all appear to be ruled out just now: VU+ Zero 4k - not enough tuners VU+ Uno 4K SE, Duo 4K, Ultimo 4K - no...
  3. B

    Halifax net id

    So i orders the edison mini dvb c to switch from my openbox v8s. Going to come flashed with openvix or something. Trying to grind how to setup before it comes to make this easy I have been through a list net ids halifax is not listed but west Yorkshire and huddersfield are do i need to use...
  4. P

    New Cable Box

    Hi Sorry for asking the same question many do. I have read other threads but want to find the best box for me among all the options. I would like a decent recordable cable box. The option of an additional sat tuner would be great but not a must. As i imagine i wont be missing out on much if i...