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new member

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    Hello new here

    Hello I am new here and would like to start doing DIY and car stuff but need to learn how to do it all first and stop avoiding it. Hope I am not a nuisance
  2. M

    New Menber

    Hi everyone just like to introduce myself and will be asking a lot question on amazon fire stick and jail breaking and smart iptv as well as any other technological question that I am stuck on . Yes do work in I.T support but yes do struggle keep update hence decided for 2019 not going stay in...
  3. S

    New member

    Hello just bought a zgamma box have been reading stuff on this. Forum for a while before I bought it I'm ok with tech but it's always a learning experience so thought I'd sign up incase I need help or can help anyone else
  4. N

    New member waiting for Santa to deliver his Zgemma i55

    Hi all Hope I've come to the right place as I migrate away from my now defunct Openbox V8s and await the arrival of a shiny new Zgemma i55. Seems like I need to do a few things and a lot of research before I will be able to watch it so may be asking for help and guidance in the appropriate...
  5. H

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Channel 501 pixelated/breaking up

    New to linux pvr's , have used a HUMAX box from day one of freesat. ET8500 Quad satellite tuners fed from HUMAX HMS 58 quad input , eight output sat distribution amp. With both satellite systems on , ET8500 , Channel 501 , THE Vault , picture pixelated / choppy , audio choppy Humax FOXSAT...
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    hello all just signup to site look forward too using and maybe help few out thanks