ET8500 QUAD TUNER Channel 501 pixelated/breaking up

New to linux pvr's , have used a HUMAX box from day one of freesat.

ET8500 Quad satellite tuners fed from
HUMAX HMS 58 quad input , eight output sat distribution amp.

With both satellite systems on ,
ET8500 , Channel 501 , THE Vault , picture pixelated / choppy , audio choppy

Humax FOXSAT HDR , same channel , no problems.

Humax has channel tuned as 11307 v 27500
ET8500 has channel tuned as 11306 v 27500

If i put Humax in standby , no change to above , the ET8500 still has non functional channel.
EPG info etc is perfectly fine. thevault.jpg

Any ideas why this would happen or what i should do to fix this , not a big problem as seldom watch 'The Vault' but worried it is indicative of a problem starting ?


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Partial solution, appears my 3rd tuner was a bit upset so re-connected the cable from switch to input and as of just now , those channels working on tuner C , need to find a way to lock up each tuner one by one on each of the possible channel upper / lower / h / v settings and see if any others don't like a particular freq/polarity.

UPDATE : 15.45 Had to re-image the box as it keeps locking up with the spinning busy icon , will leave all addons alone until i can get this thing stable for more than 24 hours.

UPDATE: as of Sunday 8th April the ET8500 is under RMA as now the lcd has failed completely ..... think they built this one on a Friday after a night in the pub on Thursday.
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