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    newcamd on tvheadend

    my current setup is a hauppauge solo hd usb tuner connected to my pc (ubuntu) running off a virgin line. I have scanned for channels and found the ones i want. However, i am struggling to decrypt them under the 'CAs' setting. the nline is in the form 'server port username password 01 02 03 04 05...
  2. A

    Vm nline pre-requisotes

    I have an active vm broadband line with a splitter to connect to the tv box aswell. I have cancelled the tv package. My question is - do I need to be paying for some form of tv package so the nline can be used on a dvb-c receiver? In other words is just having a broadband package enough?
  3. S

    What line to go for?

    Hello guys First up can I just say you all do a sterling job. Have got so much useful information from here for a complete newbie like me so thanks so much for that. :thumbsup: Just wanted to ask a question regarding lines. I can see the request thread and what people are asking for and it's...
  4. N

    nline channels not working any more. I have tried a new c line but still no joy

    Hi, i was using a N-line on me zgemma hs2 but channels not working any more (due to run out in Sept). I have tried a new C-line but still no joy still the same issue. I have a amiko in the other room and this too switched of at the same time. This to was a separate N-line but from the same...
  5. F

    IPTV for Samsung Smart TV or Zgemma H2S

    I'm looking for service and user setup instructions. Have a Samsung Smart TV with the Smart IPTV app downloaded. I also have a Zgemma Box - H2S with Sat install (n line) using Openvix. Please advise which works best with your service. Prices and Playlists please. Thanks
  6. J

    looking for virgin Ireland server

    Hi I'm looking for a reliable virgin Ireland server a control panel would also be great thanks
  7. M

    Nline Gift Recommendations

    Newbie to this but very tech savvy. Just wanting advice or any recommendations for a trusted provider of an Nline gift subscription? I have a Zgemma H2S. Cheers
  8. S

    Guide to motorized dish & what's available?

    With the potential for Sky to go completely dark, is there a full guide anywhere for what's available via a motorized dish? My search was unsuccessful... Ultimately I only really want Sky for the live sports. The solution needs to be wife-friendly, so IPTV isn't ideal (no epg). Virgin isn't...
  9. R

    Cline or nline for skybox f5

    hi, my cline expired recently and last supplier disappeared, so if anyone has a good recommendation I am looking for a 6 month line (c or n) that will work with skybox f5s Thanks!