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  1. R

    Anyone else been blocked tonight ?

    Cant watch iptv through provider tonight ? Anyone else through theres?
  2. A

    Cable H3.2tc not showing cable option on wooshbuild infinty

    Hello I have a new H3.2tc and have tried to flash the woosh infinity build on in. I have got to the screen where it asks you how you want to use your box. Satellite, cable, both or IPTV except I only get the option for satellite and IPTV no cable?!! I selected the satellite option to see...
  3. S

    Temporary Tuner Fix for those that have lost everything

    after being on the phone to zgemma till after 1 this morning i can confirm it is not build or image. If your are getting the tuner error DO NOT FLASH YOUR BOX YOU WILL LOSE EVERYTHING. if you have flashed your box and lost everything the only way to get the channels back at the minute is to get...
  4. W

    Black screen on all pay for channels

    Woek up this morning to a black screen on all my vermin channels has anyone got this? Done the usual reboots and rescans and router reboot Nothings has solved it. If anyone knows anything or is having the same issue can you let me know thanks
  5. David Baillie

    Zgemma h2s no programmes coming on

    Hi , I've got wooshbuild v5 installed , all of a sudden one day a few weeks ago I lost all channels . Previous to this I lost Sports , music and movies . I put this down to Sky having closed down servers or the like . Anyway , I get the wooshbuild on reboot but the TV channels don't come on . I...