no paid channels

  1. M

    CLOUD-iBOX ll Plus lost most of my channels

    Hi guys, My CloudIbox ll plus lost most of its channels i know iptv is good for zgemmas and mag but is there a way around flasing the cloud-ibox instead of trying to put iptv on it to get my channels back? thanks in advance
  2. shaundc5

    LAN port doesnt seem to work???

    Hi guys im new here but i was wondering if you can help me, i have a H2S and LAN cable wouldnt display an IP address even when i tried static assigning one. I have tried multiple cables all wont work with it. i tried to reflash with wooshbuild but stuck on the screen please connect to the...
  3. W


    Hi Guys, I am a complete rookie so bear with me.... So i bought a zgemma h2s off ebay, with everything all installed, plug and play (not quite, but anyway) Everything was working okish, paid channels, etc but i wasn't happy with the workings off it, such as EPG etc, so after a bit of reading i...