no sound

  1. A

    HD channel no audio option showing H3.2tc

    Hi I have a H3.2tc on Openatv 6.0 with whooshbuild infinity on it, running VM HD+ skin. One one of the HD (Asian channel Sony MAX HD) channel is getting video but no sound. Going into the select audio track menu it doesn't show the audio channel option (yellow button), only the AC3 Downmix...
  2. S

    No sound on any channel- on multiple images and TVs

    Hi all, Tried to connect up my previously working Zgemma 2s. I can get a display on the TV but no sound. I believe I have tried all things I can think of: - Changed audio settings on the 2s (digital downmix, etc). - Flashed different images (OpenATV, VIX). - Have tried a different HDMI source...
  3. Optimus Prime

    No sounds on some channels

    Hi. On my mag 256 box some hd some fhd channels have no sound yet on other devices the channels do. I've tried clearing user data and factory reset but still nothing. Any help would be great. Thanks