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No sounds on some channels

Optimus Prime


On my mag 256 box some hd some fhd channels have no sound yet on other devices the channels do.

I've tried clearing user data and factory reset but still nothing.

Any help would be great.



TK Veteran
You may have to update a few times has it wlll not goto the latest version straight away usually a few updates until you get 250 r5 on the 3rd august 2018

Optimus Prime

I was on the latest version anyway but I've updated a couple of times anyway to see if it helped but sadly it's no different :(


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Forum Supporter
Is it just certain channels or all of them is there an audio setting you could change but if working on some channels could be a provider issue have you been In contact with them see if there's a fault at their end

Optimus Prime

It's just certain channels. I've tried other devices and they work fine. Really strange never had any problems with the mag boxes lol