1. liamt

    Anyone ever used LibreOffice?

    anyone ever used libre office? begrudge paying MS if this is just as good. only need it for word tbh need to also buy MS Visio if anyone knows if it comes with Libre.
  2. F

    recover lost excel file on pc running windows 10

    I run a golf society and have updated the latest scores in excel 07 and doesnt look like i have saved it. I did print a hard copy at the time but that has been lost also, is there anyway I can recover the data either through the pc or printer....thanks
  3. TheBorg

    Windows 10 MS Office

    Best place to get it for free guys?
  4. muckievillan

    Windows 8 Microsoft Office

    Anyone got a spare product key activation code for office? please- +sorted bought off ebay +