recover lost excel file on pc running windows 10


I run a golf society and have updated the latest scores in excel 07 and doesnt look like i have saved it. I did print a hard copy at the time but that has been lost also, is there anyway I can recover the data either through the pc or printer....thanks
I have no idea about Windows,
it can be done in Linux reasonably easily most of the time,
doing it via the printer, will depend on how good a printer you have, and if you have printed anything since,
some printers give you the option to reprint the last job.

the other option may be to try PHOTOREC
its a file recovery programme that can recover most stuff, even if its been deleted.
I would have thought that to print something, then it must be 'saved' somewhere,

disclaimer : I know nothing about fish suppers, and even less about komputery things
It is possible that Excel autosaved the file as you typed, especially if it was edited over a significant period of time, or given a file name/saved. One thing worth trying, if you haven't been using excel on that pc much since, is to see if it is still in the "recent document" lists, you can see by clicking the excel icon at the top left of the screen.

If it was ever a file, Recuva is a free, powerful tool that might get it back for you.
i have checked excel and the only file i can open is the league without the last data i entered, there must be a print file on the computer somewhere surely if anyone knows of any. I am trying the recuva as we speak.
Do NOT download or save anything to your computer,!
It might overwrite the file you are trying to find.
If recuva doesn't work try photorec.