openatv 6.3

  1. Riley24

    HD51 4K Mutant Flash issues

    Hi peeps My box decided to crash this morning and wouldn’t reboot So I tried flashing new image with open atv & vix, but just says no partition The only image I can flash is openpli which I don’t like lol Does anyone know how I can flash atv or vix over openpli Thanks in advance
  2. P

    WooshBuild easy set up (wooshbuild infinity) won't go away on re-boot is there any way of disabling (only when you press red to close it goes)

    Hi, I have set up open a.t.v 6.3 on a number of zdgemmas for family & friends on open ATV 6.3 & wooshbuild infinity there seems to be a setup screen from wooshbuild that will not go away. Easy set up (wooshbuild infinity) won't go away on re-boot is there any way of disabling from...
  3. pieeater2015

    Tools NordVPN Enigma2 OpenVPN Setup Plugin v0.4 V0.4

    VPN plugin for nord working well on old zgemma H1
  4. oodes087

    Flash OpenATV onto Dreambox 525 running OpenPLi

    Hello , I want to flash openatv to install wooshbuild on a DM525 , box is currently running openpli and I want to reflash with OpenATV. I have downloaded the latest 6.3 openatv build. Anyone know the command to install from the command prompt. Have ftp the tar.xz file across to the /tmp folder...
  5. S


    Ive just configured a zgemma h5 (not my first) ive chosen to hide the non working channels, ABM had hidden the dead channel names but not the numbers? Anyone know how to get rid of it? Thanks in advance
  6. F

    Vu+ Duo(not 2) lives again install guide, bootloop after skin update, can't install plugins ie e2iplayer, wooshbuild, openmultiboot, flashexpander.SSD

    Ok here goes.... So this box has given me a headache for a week and I have lost count of the amount of re-flashes. No sooner did I appear to achieve a goal then there would be another problem the box wouldn't install plugins, freeze up or bootloop. The most frustrating part was having...
  7. A

    WooshBuild On screen Keyboard Issue Trying to enter username and password in easy vpn adder

    Hi, I have reflashed a H2S with OpenATV 6.3 and wooshbuild infinity, have put back on all plugins needed, and everything seemed great - until I came to put my username and password in to easy vpn adder using the remote. As soon as the keyboard appears on screen all buttons on the remote result...