openatv 7.0

  1. Yorkshirejok

    GrogBuild Openatv 6.4 v 7

    Hi, Does anyone know of a guide or website which explains the differences, benefits and negative (if any) between Openatv 6 and 7? Many thanks
  2. G

    Satellite OpenATV 7 - recommended build

    I've been using a ZGemma H7S for about 18 months, with OpenATV 6 and Wooshbuild on top Today I wanted to update the OpenATV to the latest, but it looks like the 6.5 version is now EOL When I first got the ZGemma H7S, I flashed OpenATV 7 and tried to put Wooshbuild on top That failed, causing...
  3. Ferret.

    Plugins e2m3u2bouquet Latest e2m3u2bouquet 1.0.91