1. oodes087

    Flash OpenATV onto Dreambox 525 running OpenPLi

    Hello , I want to flash openatv to install wooshbuild on a DM525 , box is currently running openpli and I want to reflash with OpenATV. I have downloaded the latest 6.3 openatv build. Anyone know the command to install from the command prompt. Have ftp the tar.xz file across to the /tmp folder...
  2. H

    Looking for a line

    I've recently upgraded my Amiko Alien 2 to a Formuler F1. I want to get a card sharing subscription for BT Sports. I don't understand the diff between oscam, cccam, cline ...etc etc. But I can FTP them to the Formuler F1 if you can can create and send the files I need. ALso, let me know the...
  3. S

    New to IPTV

    Hi All, I hope I’m not positing in the wrong area. I’m new here and I’m also new to IPTV. I have an OS Mini box running OpenPli. I’ve signed up for an IPTV subscription with an IPTV supplier. I am trying all day to get a TV guide installed and I really can’t seem to do it. it’s so annoying...
  4. jigger121

    Cable Best software to use with H7c

    Kind of torn whether to use, openatv or openpli. Never used openpli but seen alot of people using it and seem happy with the setup of it. Is there any real differences between the two?
  5. vicflange

    Cable Autobouquetmaker ipk For Openpli

    Does anyone have an Autobouquetmaker ipk for the Zgemma H7C with Openpli installed? It isn't in the plugin downloads of the Openpli image. Many thanks
  6. Toysoft

    DM800HD : OpenPLi 6.0++ IPTV Daily Build by Japhar

    DM800HD : OpenPLi 6.0++ IPTV Daily Build by Japhar - OpenPLi 6 (Enigma2 2017-10-25) - Python 2.7.12, GStreamer 1.12.3 Stable - Feeds online (For Wifi/DVB-T Dongles) - Triple/Trial Tuner supported (Built-in) - DVB-T USB, Trial Tuner, from JAM (Hauppauge, A867, etc) - Wifi Realtek, Ralink...