oscam for atv

  1. pabloescaban

    CCcam to oscam converter 1.2

    unzip the file, open the programme paste your line in, click convert to oscam, save as oscam.server ftp the server file to your device you can add as many lines as you like this is not my work, use it at your own risk!!
  2. dangerous

    Config file for Oscam 2017-09-17

    Config file for Oscam Port :8888 Can be used for ATV if you have issues with the standard Oscam downloaded from plugins. There is a blank reader for cable and one for satellite, just edit what you need and switch off the second reader if your not using two readers. Pm me for any help :)
  3. dangerous

    Oscam for ATV

    With all the newer receivers now only taking oscam and the shenanigans lately with audio issues / mgcamd I thought I would bring this thread back to life. I can't take the credit for this guide as gmangt4 is the original author but I've just updated it. If you require a softcam feed ipk file...