1. R

    Updating smart TV software

    Hi First time in this area of Techkings, hope I'm in the right place. I have an old but hardly used Panasonic TX-L42 TV with a hard-wired connection to my router. The Panasonic Viera software is badly outdated. Some of the apps no longer exist, and others like BBC iplayer work for a few minutes...
  2. N

    Luxor tv.

    Luxor 65 inch 4k uhd tv. Im trying to get a way to listen to soundbar, and tv speakers at same time. Is there a way to alter the settings, or is it just one or the other does anybody know please,
  3. Carcosa

    panasonic TX-L42E6B USB question

    Hi all, Sorting a flash drive out for this TV, for a friend. I've got a new Kingston 16GB to use for watching added files...movies etc. Would just like to know from any Panasonic users (I'm fully aware this set was made in 2013) if this TV needs to format the flash drive itself first, or if I am...