1. HiTecK

    Recently purchased S20FE 5G and S21 5G users READ to claim a free Chromebook

    If you took out a contract recently for a phone S20fe or S21 fill out the Samsung promotion form to try and get a free chromebook. The promotion is only meant to be available for S20fe 5G and S21 5G. So in order to get this promotion you need to have bought a samsung S20fe or a samsung S21...
  2. Dar1437

    Always on Camera

    Qualcomm’s new always-on smartphone camera is a privacy nightmare
  3. Dar1437

    Apple Glass Phone (Duel Sided)

    Apple is working on an all-glass smartphone, patent suggests
  4. Dar1437

    Phone with infra red temperature sensor

    Forget Google—Huawei Has A Radical New Update To Make Millions Switch Phones
  5. basejumper

    Perfect cast 1.118 latest version 2019-12-02

    The description of Perfect Cast Use this util on your phone to control perfect player. Perfect Cast is IPTV playlist manager with TV guide (EPG) support. It allows to watch IPTV on your devices or use it as a remote control for Perfect Player IPTV (v1.4.4+). Instructions to watch IPTV on your...
  6. basejumper

    Wi-Fi analyzer for your mobile phone or tablet 2019-12-01

    Wifi Analyzer is a handy tool which helps you to select a better channel for your wireless router. It turns you android phone into a handy Wi-Fi analyzer! Latest version Nov 2019
  7. channelking

    Sony MDR-RF810R Headphones

    Hi guys So I bought this headhphones about 8 years ago I think but had put it away as was having issues with it. Never used them Well cleaning the garage came across them but still having same issues as I did all those years ago with them. So I dont get any sound whatsoever coming through the...
  8. G

    Zipped files inside a zipped folder.

    Hi hope I'm posting in the right place, I have a zipped file with 100 files inside when I unzip the large file with winrar the 100 files are still zipped I tried unzipping each of them at a time but it's not working I don't think this has happened before I am using an android phone to do this...
  9. cactikid

    Wifi issue

    At work our borrowed internet has had issues not connecting,rebooted everything,work was been carried out but since then no internet.I believe one can use mobile phone to tether to laptop when close by but never tried or done it so looking for advise for connection for phone to laptop cheers.
  10. dsayers2014

    New phone needed asap

    So I got drunk and lost my phone, luckily it was knackered so no big loss apart from personal files and numbers Anyone know of the best place for a phone preferably Samsung, If contract no more than £27 a month. Maybe someone has a discount code
  11. R

    Iphone 4 factory reset but dont know apple id password

    Hi guys, Im wondering if anybody could help. Ive got an iphone 4 and im trying to do a full factory reset but it wont let me as i cant turn find my iphone off as i dont know the password? I have to trade the phone in with samsung and it has to be fully wiped as part of the conditions. Im...
  12. A

    Looking for Android phone under £250

    Hi, Looking for some advice as I'm looking to get a new phone as my samsung S4 is now getting clunky. I've been looking at the XiaoMi Mi5 64GB for £200. Just wondering if anyone else out there have any recommendations? Thanks in advance Matt
  13. fin1

    New smartphone options

    Looking to buy a new smartphone android system based, been looking online and some names e.g xiaomi, umi, ulephone, kept coming up. basically looking to get a smartphone without paying 500 quid more just for the name when these other phones have the same operating systems and specs at a fraction...