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At work our borrowed internet has had issues not connecting,rebooted everything,work was been carried out but since then no internet.I believe one can use mobile phone to tether to laptop when close by but never tried or done it so looking for advise for connection for phone to laptop cheers.
Hopefully you have an android phone, it is really easy.
What phone have you, ill give really simple instructions
It will be very similar to that, i think the last htc was a one, didnt go through the rest of the numbers
Yes looks the same and found tethering so might try it out tomorrow if i get a chance,no idea with vm if it works
It is not provider dependant - it is your phone sharing the internet that it ordinarily uses for its own searches.
Update as the borrowed internet was down again, i said i would tether my phone and not worked.
Hooked up a usb cable and got tethering to work for a few minutes but when the usb cable was removed it stopped,does it need a permanent usb cable connected as wifi was on for both?