please help

  1. S

    hp envy i need a pdf suit

    Hi all I have brought my self the above laptop RUNNING WINDOWS 10 and I'm looking for a cheep PDF suite for measuring drawings in PDF I have brought one from fleebay a USA version and it won't measure in meters any help would be great,
  2. M

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Nothing on screen with xtrend ET8500

    Hello People Probably something straight forward but before i start flashing i wanted to know if there is a fault with these boxes not displaying anything on the TV when pressing the menu button? All the cables are connected Ethernet and HDMI and it comes up with the splash screen but nothing...
  3. R

    tm nano se plus

    i was advised by an administrator of an iptv server that i should install open itv on my technomate tm nano se plus. at the moment it has an open pli image on it which i installed from my memory stick so i know the stick is ok. i have tried many openitv images but the box does not seem to pick...
  4. T

    Nissan Micra radio code needed please

    Hi there. Father in law needs a radio code since battery replacement. Radio number is CL0816 9 0105123 Nissan part number is 28185 BG10A MODEL NO is PP-3001M-B HOPE someone can help please. Thanks
  5. retromobiles

    OTHER revez software

    I was wondering would anyone know how to get the revez Q9/10/11/12 range of boxes back to being able to add an IPTV service again? In the past the revez range had an Iptv service working on the boxes and there is still an option to an m3u file in settings... ive tried to add t it but no joy...
  6. T

    losing my wifi when i plug in adroid

    sorry if in wrong place i have a strange 1 i got a loan of my brothers android box but when i plug it in i lose my wifi on my laptop
  7. Y

    help needed

    wife was on PC now it have a undesirable file called chromium how to get rid please lads also my chrome keeps opening windows for no reason as well please help it is only happening in chrome as well not on windows or Firefox