ET8500 QUAD TUNER Nothing on screen with xtrend ET8500


Hello People

Probably something straight forward but before i start flashing i wanted to know if there is a fault with these boxes not displaying anything on the TV when pressing the menu button? All the cables are connected Ethernet and HDMI and it comes up with the splash screen but nothing when i press the menu button. I haven't connected the Satalite cables as the Sky subscription have gone but on other boxes when i press the menu i get the menu up. On this box i'm getting nothing on the telly. On the little screen i can see the options but when i try to get the ip address it doesn't display it. I'm wanting to put IPTV onto it.

Thanks in advance lads ;-)



TK Veteran
No known fault with these boxes,Flash a backup image or setup from scratch and you will be fine,Let me know if you need any help