plugin zgemma

  1. bazcfc1

    Xtream Editor

    Xtream editor has updated their plugin to be used with python 3 now. This is from their website We have ported our Enigma2 plugin to the newer images with Python3. It is a separate installation and cannot be used with previous images.
  2. bazcfc1


    I've just gone onto my zgemma h2s running ipab image and gone on your my iptv player onto watch series and this is what has come up does anybody know how i can install it to my box I've tried to update the plugin no update available I've removed the plugin and reinstalled it just don't know a...
  3. W plugin

    Hi looking for the link to the plguing for movies and that on the zgemmas. Had it on a Few boxes but cant find it in the plugin list on my new box. If anyone has a link for the apk file that would be great thanks
  4. L

    Plugin for h2s

    hi I currently have a h2s box and I read on this site a while back about a plugin you can get that if you buy another box you can run this plugin as like a multi room if I put the other box upstairs in the bedroom. I'm looking for the name of this plugin and any feedback on how good or bad the...